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Top 5 Eyewear Trends Of 2021

There is no better accessory for quickly updating your look than a new pair of stylish glasses.

RYAN ADDA’s vision is to always be contemporary with sophisticated, well-made eyewear that conveys a narrative of workmanship and an appreciation of details. To guarantee that our timeless eyewear remains new and catered to our contemporary customers, our team remains tuned in to the trends leading the way in the fashion industry (and even beyond). When we look forward to 2021, we can see the effect of a year of extraordinary global shifts and outbursts on style trends and design development.

The Comeback of Acetate

Thinner, lighter frames, often mixed with acetate and metal, have dominated the eyewear market for the past recent years. Since clear frames have also been a trending fashion piece, acetate is making a comeback. This year, we’re witnessing a trend towards bolder, richer acetate designs for both sunglasses and eyeglasses. However, if you want to go heavier/bolder, consider frames with features like carved facets, layers, and textures. Don’t go too big with these daring styles. It is preferable to have a customised fit. Details, the discreet presence of each brand’s signature, and the lines represent this year’s top trends: sleek and elegant. RYAN ADDA designs from OO Collection and Flight Collection suit these criteria like the OO YES, OO FASHIONISTA and FLIGHT AMBASSADOR are some of the excellent choices for achieving this look.

Colour Coordination

Colour matching and creating an elegant and streamlined look from frames to lenses are becoming an increasingly popular demand this year. Pairing frames with a similar light lens tint or “lens wash” has become one way we’re styling this trend. You’ll be able to visualize the world through rose coloured glasses all year long if you choose to get a pair of your OO YOLO frames in Rose with a gentle pink lens tint. Another trendy choice for this year is to match your frames with your hair colour, which discreetly links your whole appearance together with just a little effort.

Blue Light Lenses

We’ve had to adapt to a new normal since last year due to the pandemic Covid-19, which involves working from home and, for many people, accessing more media through our mobile phones and computer screens. Blue Light Lenses are becoming more popular among adults and children. While there is no scientific evidence to support the protective advantages of blue light lenses other than normalising sleep patterns and reducing eye strain, we do provide this innovation to our customers and urge each of our customers to investigate the impact it could have on his or her everyday life, especially at this time when our lifestyles and routines are rapidly evolving.

Top 5 Eyewear Trends Of 2021

Thin Lightweight Frames

With a pair of titanium glasses, you may break free from the customary acetate designs. Many celebrities have previously done so! These glasses are ultra-thin and very lightweight, making them exceptionally convenient to wear. A slim design, whether cat eye, frameless or rectangular, is adaptable for both optical or sunglasses. While we favour timeless designs here at RYAN ADDA, our ME SINGAPORE is ideal for integrating this trend into your everyday life and transitioning effortlessly from one season to another. The metal bar between the frames adds a touch of refinement to your look.

Top 5 Eyewear Trends Of 2021

New Norm

Masks have become an essential component of our everyday life. If you use your lenses on a regular basis (or even simply just sunglasses), you are probably aware of the challenges that exist in terms of eyewear protection against the virus. We’ve listed a few suggestions for methods to disinfect your eyeglasses against Covid-19 here.

Top 5 Eyewear Trends Of 2021

What’s New for RYAN ADDA

This year, we’re pleased to offer a range of new designs to our most popular models, as well as a fresh new frame designed just for our consumers. In the O=MEGA21 Conference & Trade Fair, which we will be attending in September 2021, we will exhibit a number of our newest models and collections, including new colour variants from our ME Collection and, of course, our latest eyewear models from the ONE Collection and FLIGHT Collection. You may check out the details of the conference here.

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