Eyewear Brand Foundation

Our story unfolds in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, where our founder, Ryan established the brand RYAN ADDA. RYAN ADDA has developed a reputation for breaking

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Radiant Curves

Style. Iconic. Timeless In this image series, we place our classic eyeglasses in a whimsical atmosphere of current pastel colours, with soft curves and eyewear in

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Sunglasses Trends 2022

Style. Iconic. Timeless Sunglasses are no longer what they typically once were. Sunglasses are becoming more than simply a method to help us see, thanks to the

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Eyewear Trends 2022

Style. Iconic. Timeless It’s the first month of the year. January is a winter month in the northern half of the world and a summer

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Gradient Sunglasses

Style. Iconic. Timeless Gradient lenses with a progressive change in tint from typically darker at the top to lighter at the bottom are fabricated in the

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