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Titanium is the ultimate essence of our eyewear —  and so for your soul.   At RYAN ADDA, we consistently value ourselves on selecting the best material for our eyeglasses. Strength and Lightness Titanium, the most sturdy material presented at RYAN ADDA, is a high-end metal renowned for its toughness,



At RYAN ADDA, we are incorporating the only premium quality acetate material for our eyeglasses frames. Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, implying that it’s much stronger, more durable (sturdy), and flexible than standard plastic which clarifies why it’s great for eyeglasses frames. It is more impenetrable to force put upon

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Stainless Steel

Metal is one of the most well-known material for eyeglass frames. You can pick numerous sorts of metal for your glasses, with each having its own unique properties. And one of it that we at RYAN ADDA incorporated into our glasses frames is the stainless steel. Due to its strength,

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