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How RYAN ADDA Is Different

At RYAN ADDA, we’ve always focused on our premium quality eyewear. Our eyewear design is growing from Melbourne, Australia and is based on functionality and comfort as both Ryan is an optometrist and Agnes is an optician. These two specialities distinguish RYAN ADDA as a unique and dynamic eyewear brand that not only provides the finest eyewear designs, but also takes into consideration the eyeglasses fitting on the face, the balance of the eyewear, and the optical needs of our customers. 

Unrivalled Bonds

How RYAN ADDA Is Different

RYAN ADDA brand, founded in 2016 by Ryan and Agnes, has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of designer eyewear. Ryan, being an optometrist, acknowledged the customer’s eye health and visual needs, while Agnes, as an optician, was able to grasp the optics and can help match eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision correction devices at the same time. RYAN ADDA was created as a result of the combination of this two expertise. It took many years for the business to develop and several studies to provide the finest service and eyewear for each of our clients. 

Fast forward to now, and our name is known for consistency and design. The brand is now accessible not only in Australia but also in selected retailers and independent shops in more than seven countries, as well as online. It is managed by a dedicated team of experts that together share their goals.

Limited Production

How RYAN ADDA Is Different

Since we’re a design company that solely focuses on eyewear, our production runs for each of our designs are very limited. The odds of seeing someone wearing the same frames as you are very low, which is a refreshing difference in a world when direct to consumer brands have saturated the market. Our eyewear designs are genuinely one-of-a-kind and tailored to the person. As we have lower manufacturing runs, we can be more creative with the designs and styles of our eyewear collections. 

High Expertise

We have experienced opticians at RYAN ADDA to ensure that our customer service experiences are both pleasant and informative. You may try on our eyeglasses online from the comfort of your own home using our virtual mirror function, which will show you how the frames will look on your face. You may always contact us if you have any questions about RYAN ADDA eyewear selections! Our team will suggest the best frames for your requirements and assist you in obtaining the ideal prescription fit. You may reach us at (+614) 1324 3782, or you could always send us your inquiries through our form here.

Quality Designs

Each piece in the RYAN ADDA collection is designed by our founder, Ryan, making it one-of-a-kind in the marketplace. Ryan and Agnes both were an optometrist and optician individually, started running an independent store, and thru their years of passion in optical, they decided to come up with their own brand called RYAN ADDA. It’s an Australian homegrown brand. Ryan Adda has an individual perspective and, as a young designer of eyewear, we are now growing at a really fast pace to accommodate our customers with their eyewear needs.