Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide


Having the correct size matters. Everybody has a different face shape and we determine size by the width of each of your individual faces. With many years of optical expertise as Ryan the Optometrist and Agnes the Optician, we know not every frame fits every face.  RYAN ADDA offers multiple sizes so that you can find the right frame for your face.

If you already wear glasses, we recommend looking at your current pair as a size reference.  The numbers indicating size are typically printed inside the temple of the frame.


42-45mm. If your face is on the slimmer side, or wearing caps/hats tend to be loose.


46-49mm. Most RYAN ADDA customers are comfortable in this range. If you’re unsure, choose these sizes.


50mm – Over. If your head is on the wider side, or wearing caps/hats tend to be slightly tight.

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