RYAN ADDA Titanium – Care Instructions

When cleaning your frames please use the accompanying RYAN ADDA microfibre cleaning cloth for daily cleaning. For better cleaning, use warm water to remove most light stains or dirt from the frames. For stronger stains or makeup caught in the pores of the material, please use a fine brush with warm water and a mild soap to clean.

Frames affected by stains due to intensive heavy use or other factors can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath if absolutely necessary. It is not recommended to use solvents or any other alcohol based cleaning agents for cleaning the frames, because these can damage the RYAN ADDA surface and silicone parts as well as the lenses. 


RYAN ADDA Acetate Frames – Care instructions

The frames can be cleaned of any foreign substances with the RYAN ADDA cleaning cloth provided, or another gentle, grease-removing lens cleaning cloth. For acetate frames, the use of harsh cleaning agents is not advised as the frame and its components can be damaged. Cleaning via an ultra-sonic bath is also not advisable.

If the surface starts to lose some of its shine after daily use, you can have it polished by your RYAN ADDA Retailer to have it back to original high-gloss finish. Your frames are made of acetate primarly, a naturally produced cellulose thermoplastic material that can lose its shape through the everyday effects of thermal influences. Nevertheless, it is very easy for your RYAN ADDA optician to adjust and restore the form of the frame. Please avoid exposing your glasses to temperatures in excess of 40°C (104°F) or placing them in direct sunlight, for example on the dashboard of your car.


How do I get in touch with RYAN ADDA?

If you are calling from an optical store, please contact our After Sales team on +61 4 13243782 (09.00 – 17.00 AEST Monday to Friday).

For all other matters, please call us on +61 4 13243782 (09.00 – 17.00 AEST Monday to Friday) or write us an email to feedback@ryanadda.com


Where can I find RYAN ADDA shop?

Please use our Shop Finder on our website.