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3 Easiest Ways To Care For Your Eyewear — For A Longer Life Span

Caring and regularly maintaining your eyewear is the easiest method to extend the life of your frames — as well as keeping them in excellent condition instead of having to replace them with cheaper ones is a crucial element of sustainability. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of the most frequent eyewear wearing mistakes, as well as our best tips for keeping your glasses always in peak condition. Use these tips to extend the life of your favourite pieces.

Protect Against Scratches

“If they are not on your face, put them in the case!” is the greatest method to prolong the life of your eyewear pieces. Glass lenses are more durable against scratches than polycarbonate lenses, but whether your lenses are plastic or glass, it is critical to keep your sunglasses in a protective case. Don’t simply throw your glasses in your handbag, laptop bag, or travel bag, or stuff them in your pocket. Keys, pencils, and scratchy denim fabric are all prone to give damage your eyewear piece.

A hard case is an ideal case. If you don’t want to carry a hard case, place them in a microfibre pouch. This would still protect your glasses and may also be used to clean them. At RYAN ADDA, we do give our utmost priority to the safety of our pieces. We provide the most durable case for your eyewear and a microfiber cloth to equip our customers with the basic eyewear protection needed.

Remove Stains Off Your Eyewear

Eyeglasses do take up oils from our skin and fingertips, particles of dirt and dirt from the outdoors, cosmetics residue, and a coating of salt or chlorine from the beach or pool.

You must consider cleaning your eyewear every week to remove smudges, though it is also optimal to clean them practically every day.

1. Begin by having clean, dry hands. Warm water should be used to rinse your glasses, and a few drops of light dishwashing soap without strong detergents should be used to soap up your fingers. 

2. Avoid using any kind of paper product since every paper includes wood fibres, which may damage the lenses. 

3. Do not attempt to wipe your glasses with your shirt – we all do have the urge!

You may take your glasses to the optician once a year for ultrasonic cleaning. This may give the frame a new lease of life. You may need to disinfect your eyewear against any germs or viruses due to the Covid-19. You may read here on the methods to disinfect your eyeglasses.

Scratches on your frames may usually be fixed with a thorough polishing procedure. At RYAN ADDA, we make it simple and efficient to repair or replace your beautiful, old frames. Though it is strongly suggested that our customers care and maintain their eyewear on a regular basis to guarantee a longer lifespan for the eyewear piece.

3 Easiest Ways To Care For Your Eyewear — For A Longer Life Span

Invest in Well-Crafted Pieces

While maintaining your eyewear pieces is an important part of guaranteeing their lifespan, investing in quality eyewear brands is a crucial way to prolong the life of any eyewear piece. RYAN ADDA eyewear is made by the finest manufacturers and was founded by Ryan, who is well-known in South East Asia as an eyewear stylist. RYAN is an agent of change with a strong desire to alter the existing quo in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the world around him. This enthusiasm prompted the creation of a fashionable and iconic Asian-inspired brand that offers optometry practices a selection of attractive and beautifully balanced eyewear. We utilise the most premium materials and unique designs, as well as a sustainable approach in our manufacturing, which is an essential element to our team at RYAN ADDA to guarantee a high-quality final product while reducing any brand’s environmental effect.

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