RYAN ADDA OO Collection, an interpretation of the surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind. It is the impression of spontaneity. From the age of the cavemen to modern-day literature, art fills within the heart of neighbourhoods and culture. Inspiration comes the soul and creativity of each individual; artists have had their inspiration drawn from around the world to appeal to your style and fashion.

As artists fill each canvas with their passion and creativity, we fill our sunglasses with the same uncompromising standards and our passion and creativity that reflects who we are. Designers of the OO collection use jarring colours and sweeping gestural lines to express a more bold and expressive outlook. It breaks away from the literal representation of conventional eyewear. Like art, our sunglasses are a statement. Like the Mona Lisa is a statement of happiness, the Starry Starry Night a statement of immortality, and the Birth of Venus a statement of beauty, the OO collection is a statement of your heart, your soul and your style. Read More

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