Face Shape Eyewear Guide
Face Shape Eyewear Guide

The trick to looking great in the glasses is to complement the form of your face. Many of us that search for the right shape glasses must take a couple aspects into accounts – which would guarantee that the sunglasses match the style with the fashion accessories. At RYAN ADDA we offer multiple sizes and styles so that you can find the right frame for your face.

What is my face shape?

For you to make the best decision in choosing your eyewear,  you first need to recognise your facial structures. These are five major types of face forms that could help you identify your face shape:

  • SQUARE shaped faces are characterised by wide jawlines and square chin, frequently prominent, angular features, and cut a smooth, sharp line from the forehead to the jaw. The width of the cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are mostly equal.

You’re going to choose frames that are equal to the length and width of your profile, and frames that soften sharp angles in a square-shaped face and would provide balance. So, the better choice for square-shaped faces is to select the opposite design of their face form, which are:

  • round glasses
  • oval shaped frames
  • OVAL shaped faces are a balanced and flexible type of face structure. They are characterised by rounded chin and jawline. The forehead and jawline are almost identical in width. The frames you pick should highlight the strong sides and minimise the weak points of your face so that your face appears beautifully well balanced.

Choose a frame which are as broad as the broadest portion of your face: the proportions surrounding your eyes. The most fitting eyeglasses frames for oval faces are:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Geometric shapes
  • ROUND faces appear to be gentle, with full cheeks and slightly curved jaws, although the width and length of the face are approximately the same. Unlike certain other forms of the face, the rounded face is also very distinct, and it’s more about the curves.

The most crucial thing to note when selecting glasses for circular face shapes is to pick lenses that fit to create angles. Someone with oval features looks amazing in bold, geometric glasses with a clear line. You’re going to need to pick:

  • Rectangular frames: break up the foundation of your skin, which will render your face look longer and thinner.
  • Angular and geometric frames: add some clearer, more specular highlights to your face to build a transition.
  • Upswept frames (cat-eye or D-frame): if you have curved cheeks, aim to attract notice to them while at the same time emphasizing on your eyes.
  • HEART shaped faces are broader on the forehead and softly narrow down the jawline to the narrow chin, usually featuring a taper of the cheekbones in the jawline. This form of face may be either long or rounded and always gives the individual a nice and sweet appearance.

This is usually considered to be the most powerful of all face forms. They look fantastic in winged-out frames that jut off slightly wider than their forehead and rounded frames to contrast and compliment their features, such as:

  • Bottom-heavy frames: if your chin is extremely narrow, you may want to allow a little more width.
  • Frame with low-set temples: if you are aware of the width of your forehead, selecting this design will bring your eyes down, stressing the lower portion of your face.
  • Oval-shaped frames: if you have a pointed chin, by choosing an oval frame shape, it works miracles to bring the focus upward to your eyes.
  • Light-coloured or rimless frames: minimise the presence of glasses on your heart-shaped face by choosing a model with a sleek frame.
  • TRIANGLE shaped face is wide at the bottom and narrow close to the eyebrows. The best frames bring width and attract focus to the top of the face.

So you would need to find a mirror-opposite frame: strong to the top, gentle to the bottom. With a combination of rounded and geometric forms, such as the following, the triangular faces would suit exceptionally well:

  • D-frames
  • Aviator
  • Cat-eyes glasses
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