Bespoke eyewear design for inspired living.

A stylish and iconically Asian-inspired brand - for individuals who want frames that carry the finesse of a designer eyewear but at an accessible price-point.

The Designer/Art Director

Time stands still as he takes his time to capture the perfect moment..

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The Retail Manager

Retail is about creating intensity through social presence and being...

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The Traveller

I'm an Industrial Engineer used to work in engineering...

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A group of talented young, inspired individuals from across Asia met up for the first time near Flinders Street Station in Melbourne after months of traveling, research, and discussion. Together with Ryan and Agnes, they came up with some unique and creative ideas to embrace the ever-changing world in 2016.  RYAN ADDA has quickly grown into a successful international brand, lead by an incredible team with boutiques across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and France.

Your eyewear should reflect your individual personality, be beautifully crafted and inspired by individuality and creativity, and of course be functional. You should enjoy wearing them, and they should make you feel empowered. This is where RYAN ADDA steps in. We are extremely passionate about making each and every pair of RYAN ADDA frames a unique experience to own, sourcing quality materials and creatively and ergonomically designing each collection.

We pride ourselves on our passion for design and only employ individuals who share our passion, to ensure that we only craft eyewear of the most premium quality. The world is changing ever so rapidly, and so is the eyewear industry. We are here to revolutionize the way individuals interact with their glasses. Our goal is to make quality eyewear accessible, with affordable, yet premium designs that are crafted to empower the wearer.