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RYAN ADDA All Day Glasses Frames

Diverse Glasses Frames

Varying actions call for varying glasses frames. Here at RYAN ADDA, we provide selections of pairs for you to choose to cater for all of your activities. You may switch up your style by wearing different frames that fit your plan for the day.

ME Collection

RYAN ADDA takes pride in crafting eyewear by choosing only the best material. ME Collection incorporates titanium, famously known as one of the most ingenious natural elements. Hence titanium does possess multiple unique properties. This collection focuses on making a statement for each of the unique eyeglasses frames that represent various big cities around the world. This collection is available in 22 variants of frames with Gun, Gold and Black colourways. Me Collection focuses on its minimalist quality, a titanium-crafted frame so lightweight that it hardly feels like you’re wearing glasses. Experience the thrill of a refreshed feel of new locations inspired from different locations from each of the frames.

FLIGHT Collection

Combination frames blend the sleek elegance of titanium with the richness of acetate to give you the best of both worlds. The excellent contrast of these strong material duos adds visual interest. Defined by its striking power, style and prominence, including a pair of glasses from our FLIGHT Collection into your day will boost your look with confidence. This collection comes in nine variants of frames and 11 colourways. Consequently, the hybrid of two materials defines the powerful strength. Thereupon, it is swiftly represented by each frame under this collection through its designs and colour selections.

ONE Collection

From the classic to more eccentric designs, we delicately make this collection light and flexible metal frames from stainless steel sheets. RYAN ADDA incorporates metal frame glasses that is undoubtedly the best materials for frames. ONE Collection is highly excellent in durability and brimming with character. Each pair of glasses has different styles and colours. Some designs are composed of hinges designated with colourful arrays of hues and patterns. Comes in a selection of 13 remarkable frames and 10 different colour combinations, thus making it is easy to find the perfect pair to complement your look.

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