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Embracing Titanium Glasses Frames

RYAN ADDA titanium glasses frames are made up of highly specialized titanium and are all hand-finished for a truly personalised experience.

At RYAN ADDA, we take great pleasure in selecting the best materials for our glasses. Titanium is one of nature’s most inventive elements, with the best characteristics. Titanium is very lightweight, flexible, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive.


The double-bar bridge design is inspired by the Rheinfall bridge in Switzerland. Hence the reason for their deep lens tint that is exclusively representing the beauty of this structure’s hue.

These classically round yet sophisticated frame glasses come in Dazzle Gold, Dazzle Green and Dazzle Silver.


The ME Hong Kong features iconic edgy and sharp engineering across the design elements inspired by the fast-paced life in Hong Kong. Owing to its structure, RYAN ADDA half-rim ME Hong Kong is lightweight and stylish, provides adequate support to the structure. This piece is perfect for those looking for more design elements than a standard rimless frame.


Arc de Triomf, the tall red-bricked entrance of the World Exposition in 1888 inspires the designation of ME Barcelona. This piece comprises classically wide square wire-frame lookalike glasses, but better — with pure lightweight titanium finishes. In particular, this frame is crafted to welcome its wearers with comfort and style from its thin design.


The masterpiece of this frame design comes from the breathtaking architecture of Singapore’s city skyline, Marina Bay Sands. Featuring a double-bar bridge, with a metal bar placed at the top between the frames,  this geometrical, slim and oversized eyewear would hence complement your look by adding up angles to your face.


The design of the ME New York encompasses unique engraving of the bar connecting two frames, representing the world-famous Empire State Building. This personalised frame will add a modern yet retro look to your outfit with the complement of the round eyewear design of ME New York.

Titanium, being one of the finest quality eyewear materials, allows for lightweight glasses, which are important for maintaining comfort when worn for long periods of time. Titanium is ideal for the manufacture of frames, such as those in our ME Collection. The corrosion-resistant and long-lasting substance also have good physical traits. It is practically allergen-free and therefore appropriate for those who are allergic to metals.

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