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A Checklist to Consider Before Buying Eyeglasses

When you put a lot of care into the choosing of new eyeglasses, these glasses would not only be eye-catching, but they will also mirror and become a part of your personality. The optometrist would not only be able to assist you in selecting the best spectacle frames for the right choice but can also personalize your spectacle lenses to properly meet your needs.

Many of us need vision correction to some extent, particularly given that many individuals are born with vision problems, the implications of ageing and loss of concentration flexibility, and the increase in time spent looking at the screens!

According to recent research, over 40% of the world’s population is recommended to carry prescription glasses to address their refractive problems.

Since your spectacles are an accessory that you will be carrying on a daily basis, it is important that they be well-fitted and complement your face. Whatever the reason for your need for eyeglasses, below we provide a checklist to consider before you get your hands on eyeglasses:

1. Have the correct prescription

A Checklist to Consider Before Buying Eyeglasses

When you get your eyes tested, the optometrist will give you a prescription. When choosing eyeglasses, it is essential to have an up-to-date prescription. If your prescription is more than a span of two years old, schedule an appointment with your optometrist to obtain the most up-to-date prescription.

2. Selecting Lenses

A Checklist to Consider Before Buying Eyeglasses

Only the appropriate set of lenses will provide the accuracy in vision that you need. So it’s a good idea to figure out which lens material and which lens power are best for you. Select lenses based on your vision problems (short-sightedness, far-sightedness etc.). When it comes to progressive lenses, it is critical to try them on first and determine whether you can see properly from various visual regions. Consider add-ons like anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, tints, and filters for greater safeguard for your eyes.

3. Selecting Frames

A hand is selecting one pair of glasses from a display of various styles of eyewear.

If the appropriate lens is essential for clear vision, then the correct pair of frames is essential for a proper fit. Since you will be wearing the glasses practically all day, they ought to be comfortable and would not cause discomfort on your nose or at the back of your ears. Aside from the frame’s design, it should be comfortable to wear. It is preferable to use lightweight frames so that you do not feel pressured.

Consider the Face Shape

Choose a pair that complements your face characteristics and helps you appear more exquisite! You probably have an oval face if your forehead and cheeks are the same widths, and you have a defined jawline and a sharp chin. This is wonderful news since oval-shaped faces complement practically every frame design. Curved-edged spectacles might soften your strong jawline if you have a square-shaped face. You possessed an oblong face if your face is longer than it is broad. Square frames with strong angles might assist in broadening your face. Square eyeglasses create angles to your face, understating your big cheeks, and are ideal for people with a round face.

Choose a Frame That Suits Your Personality

What are your individual and professional requirements?

For serious business – Stick to conventional frame colours and styles. Consider traditional forms like ovals, rectangles, and almonds to boost your professional appearance. Black, charcoal, silver, and brown frames are preferred since they go well with business attire.

RYAN ADDA Me Collection is inspired by cities around the world and is based on its Minimalistic, Lightweight and Contemporary designs. Go for ME TOKYO for its minimalistic pattern with sleek rectangular lenses with half-frame design to showcase the elegant yet sophisticated look for the wearer, specially designed to make you look more intimidating and goes extremely well with any business outfits as the colour options (black and dark grey) are favourable to any attires. 

Nothing can go wrong with our One Collection: Bold, Visible and Expressive. The design draws inspiration from the characteristics of the basic elements of earth, metal. Hence, the strong effect showcases from the designs but yet still be giving a minimalistic look from the colour prospects, and metal frames are very suitable for those who are looking for proper eyewear for formal occasions.

For artistic professionals – Choose geometric patterns in thick acetate or metallic frames in trendy designs. Experiment with odd hues such as blue, purple, and green. Retro, vintage, and aviator forms are also appropriate for highlighting your creative side.

RYAN ADDA has a wide collection of artistic looking eyewear, and you could always choose from one colour representation, like Flight Ambassador, with the steep curves holding up the top represents how ambassadors represent and carry the identity of the character, the person and the face; or if you feel like having a mix of colour hues in the frame, you can pick on the Flight General, with its circular figure and a hybrid combination of acetate and titanium!

For students – Wear eye-catching designs and colours, unusual geometries, vibrant colours, bigger sizes, and intriguing features like colour laminations. Experiment with a nerdy, vintage style or a contemporary frame with a wide range of colours. At RYAN ADDA, we have various designs that you can experiment with, from the vintage style round glasses, with a double bar design to make it look sophisticated, to bold geometrical frames that are vocalised throughout this sharp and refined look that would certainly complement your young and free spirits!

For the hectic parent – Don’t stress about the newest eyewear trends; instead, go for a simple but elegant pair of glasses. Ovals, detailed look rectangles, and delicate cat-eye forms are both practical and fashionable. Darker hues, such as deep crimson, black, and green, may also give a plain frame a sophisticated edge. Go for Me Seoul for the cat-eye look that encompasses bold styling on the top and lighter details on the bottom of the lens that surely would give you that simple yet elegant look.

Frame material

Select a frame material that meets your needs and is comfortable for you. The majority of frame materials are classified as feather-light, sturdy, adaptable, or hypoallergenic.

Your Skin Tone

Another factor to strongly advised you to consider is your skin tone.  You may have a warm complexion if your skin has a bronze or golden tone. Your greatest companions are frames in similar tones, like olive green, brown, or honey. Jewel-toned frames are a fantastic choice for folks with cool skin tones. Check out our post on the Best Eyewear for Your Skin Tone to discover the most suitable eyewear to complement your skin tone.

Turn to RYAN ADDA for excellent and trendy eyewear. Not only do we offer high-quality eyeglasses, we’ll also let you try different pairs in the comfort of your home for FREE (through our virtual mirror). If you’re in Australia, contact us at (+614) 1324 3782 or get in touch with us to get a wide selection of eyewear that suit your desires!

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