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The Evolution Of Eyewear – How Trends Have Evolved

Eyewear trends and styles, like fashion, have evolved significantly throughout the years. Today, eyewear is regarded as more than simply a requirement for those in need for their eyesight – it is used to reflect one’s own style, existing as a kind of practical fashion. To achieve timeless designs, our designers at RYAN ADDA integrate classic elements and cultural nuances in all of our collections. Let’s go on and take a look at how eyewear developed throughout the twentieth century and impacted the eyewear we acknowledge and cherish today.

1900s–1920s: A pinch of the nose

A popular style at the beginning of the century was also the least comfortable. The French pince-nez and monocle styles were very popular. Despite being impractical and inconvenient, the 1900s witnessed the greatest progress in optical technology and the experience to wear eyewear comfortably and stylishly.

1920s–1930s: Well-rounded

Plastic lenses were widely accessible, popularising spectacles worn by celebrities. This era also saw the development of more comfortable frames that could be worn over the ears (not like the previous one). We are extremely grateful for this advancement. Many of our One Collection and Flight Collection frames showcase examples of a basic, circular frame design inspired by this historical period.

1940s–1950s: All about the brow line

Eyewear has evolving to become a fashion statement with the prominence of the ever-lasting popular cat-eye design.  Upswept cat-eye designs have been linked with elegance and fashion-forward appearances, especially knowing that they have been a popular item up until now. Our ‘ME SEOUL’ frame is inspired by this classic history.

1960s – 1970s: All excitement

As you would expect, large and theatrical eyewear was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Glasses with a round or geometric form became the most popular choice of the decade. Eyewear has become more towards a fashion statement (instead of just a functional accessory!). While RYAN ADDA prefers more modest designs, we draw influence from the 1960s and 1970s, as evidenced in our ‘ME MELBOURNE‘ and ‘ME LONDON‘ frames, which seem like a tribute to John Lennon.

1980s to 1990s: More colourful progress

Oversized frames were popular throughout the 1980s, but they grew more daring with the inclusion of colourful materials and unusual designs. We enjoy integrating the distinct style of the 1980s into our designs, such as our Flight Collection frames or even incorporated in our vibrant OO Collection frames. The 1990s saw a trend toward smaller, more modest designs. Cat-eye frames, as well as slimmer, oval forms, re-entered the fashion scene as there was a revived interest in vintage design. With their slender faces and elegant lines, our ME Collection ‘PARIS’ and ‘SHANGHAI’ take a cue from this era.

2000’s and beyond

There is no dominant trend in the eyeglasses industry now. At RYAN ADDA, we provide our customers with a wide variant of designs, materials and colour combinations that would equip all your personal choices.

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