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Opposite Attracts: Best Eyewear for Your Skin Tone

People often overlooked or having misconception when choosing eyewear. Selecting eyewear based on its colour that suits your skin undertones would make a significant difference in your overall look; or otherwise, the colour combination can create a dull look. Just as the shape of your face would determine the best frames for you, so does your skin tone. Skin tones are not the basic understanding about how you’d describe yourself as having pale, tan or dark skin, but understanding the undertone of the colour underneath the surface of your skin.

Skin tone sets the tone for high fashion frames, in which selecting a shade that complements your skin tone the best would enhance your look and standard, apart from the shape of your face or your eye colour, hair colour, etc.

Misconception on Undertone

We often heard of a common myth that pale-skinned can’t be warm-toned and that darker-skinned usually possess warm-toned. In reality, this is totally wrong. The easiest way you could do to decide your undertone is by judging whether you would look better in gold or silver accessories. If the gold makes you look more bright and radiant, you have warm undertones; if the silver looks better on you, you have cool undertones. If both silver and gold look great on you, you have neutral undertones.

Cool skin tone

Cool undertone would look the best with similarly cool-toned frames like silver, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, lilac, grey and clear. Black frames may be too bold, but when balanced out with a subtle design or accent colours, it would definitely look good on you!

Warm Skin Tone

Warm undertone looks best with similarly warm frames, generally turquoise, brown, red, orange, gold, and yellow. You are considered to have a warm undertone if you have a yellow, bronze or golden cast to your skin. You better stay away from picking on contrasting colours such as white, black or pastel colour frames as these colours won’t flatter your skin well.

Neutral skin tone

Consider yourself lucky if you have a neutral undertone! Neutral undertone is a mixture of warm and cool undertones, which basically indicates that you could pick on any colours and still look ravishing. You can go bold by choosing a striking colour like an all-black frame, or you can keep it natural by picking a green colour frame.

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