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What You Need to Know About Titanium Glasses?

Ever wondered what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when buying eyewear? Is it the appeal, the strength of the material or how good you look in it? Well, the parameters for buying eyewear may be many but the priorities usually change from one to another. Finding the ideal eyewear that fulfils almost all your needs is indeed a daunting task. That is why the search never ends and also most people have about two to three glasses, which they sport for various purposes.

What are titanium glasses?

Titanium as we all know is a highly durable and a sturdy metal. However, that does not make them heavyweight; rather they are light and easy to carry.  Moreover, the metal is corrosion-resistant. Some people need to put on their glasses except when they go to sleep. Titanium frames are also an excellent choice for those who suffer from facial allergy. If you prefer buying metal frames for eyewear, titanium provides value for money.

Benefits of titanium glasses

Picking an eye frame may mean people struggling to create a balance between what suits their comfort, style, and fitting. The material of the frame is one of the vital features of your glasses and you would hardly ever compromise by making a wrong choice. That is why titanium eyewear frames have gained momentum in recent times. For those looking forward to a perfect balance between style and comfort, here is why you can rely on frames made from this metal.

  • Sturdy and durable

When it comes to buying frames for your eyewear, sturdiness and durability is the name of the game. You might just drop them not knowing how and where, they might get squashed when you carry too many things inside your bag, or your kid may grab those glasses and suddenly start playing with them. No matter what happens, you need not worry when you use titanium glass frames in your glasses. No wonder the material is also used in manufacturing airplanes and spacecraft. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices when selecting frames for your eyewear.

  • Enhancing aesthetics

Besides the functional benefits of titanium eye frames, the one thing that makes them a terrific choice is its ability to enhance the wearer’s appearance. Would you feel satisfied with frames that fail to go over the edge no matter how you look? With them, you will manage to stay stylish and continue feeling comfortable as long as you want. Whether you sport a formal or a casual outfit, titanium frames flawlessly match your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Feather-light

If you are frequently hopping places, frames made from titanium should be easy to carry. You need to just put them in your bad and when you are not wearing it and forget the rest. The shape of the frame won’t mould and the glasses will stay intact no matter what. When you wear the glasses you won’t feel that burden that normally happens with other frame materials. In other words, titanium frames are a perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

  • Resistant to corrosion

Titanium frames are also popular due to their corrosion-resistant features. You would never want your stylish frame to have those rusty patches, which hardly ever go. Thanks to titanium frames. You just need to pick your favourite frame and use it as long as you want. It also means that your spectacles are going to be a lot more adaptable regardless of which part of the world you are. Be it the salty coastal regions or places with high humidity, you can continue wearing your glasses without thinking much about how long they will last.

  • Skin-friendly frame

How often do you give a serious thought to whether your eye frame is skin-friendly or not until you get those pesky rashes on the facial region? No, it’s not the weather. It is the metal that you need to blame. So, refrain from making a wrong choice when you have so many varieties of titanium glass frames to choose from. They do not cause irritation on the skin and last in diverse climates.  You must have come across situations when metal frames turn green due to long-term exposure to humidity and salt in the air. With titanium, you will have nothing to worry about even when you sport your glasses for many years.

  • Unresponsive to twists

One of the most remarkable features of a titanium-made frame is that it is unresponsive to twists. No matter how much you try to bend them, they retain the original shape.

  • Easy to protect the lens

Worried about the protection of your lens inserted into a titanium frame? Well, don’t. Make sure you buy the frame from a reputable store, and you are good to go ; the lends won’t break or crack even when you drop them accidentally.

Style with titanium frames

When shopping for titanium eye frames, don’t miss the stylish collections at the store. Pick from a variety of shapes like round, square, rectangle, oval, hexagonal, aviator, wayfarer and many more. You are going to be spoiled for choices and not miss the opportunity to enhance your personality with the right shape of titanium frame.

Repairing titanium frames

Although titanium-made frames are deemed no to break but cracks may occasionally appear on the welded portion when it absorbs air. If the frame breaks when it is still under the coverage of warranty, you can take them to the store from where you purchased them. Considering the time for which they are slated to last, you ought to be ready to get another pair of glasses. The manufacturer will examine the nature of the crack and decide whether it can be repaired or not.

Can you buy titanium glasses online?

Yes, you can shop for titanium frames for your eyewear online but don’t forget to check the following:

  • Authenticity of the store
  • Check the reviews of a couple of stores
  • Compare the prices of these frames
  • Don’t miss checking the delivery schedule

When looking for an eyewear frame, choose titanium and create a style statement everywhere you go. Ryan Adda is your go-to store to buy high-end titanium frames that transform your look redefines comfort when wearing glasses. Visit our website to check our latest collections.


How sturdy and durable are titanium frames?

Titanium is one of the hardest materials used for manufacturing space shuttles and aircrafts. Therefore, they can endure much more when used in eyewear frames. They are extremely sturdy and last much longer than any other eyewear material.

Yes, it is not only highly durable but is skin-friendly as well. If you are allergic to metallic frames, titanium is going to be the best bet.

Titanium frames last for many years compared to other metals and yes, the price tag is higher. If you compare its durability, titanium frames are worth the money you spend.

If you wear your glasses regularly, you can clean them with water or use a mild soap. Rub the frames gently with soft cloth to avoid scratching the metal.

Yes, you can but buy from a reputable store to ensure that the quality of the metal used is high-end and they offer repair services as well.