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How to Choose Eyeframes for Women to Suit Your Style?

The last things you want to end up with are glasses that do not suit your face shape and personality. Well, women have varied preferences when it comes to choosing eyewear. For many, picking an eyeglass is one of the biggest and of course daunting decisions, and it is primarily because every woman has a different fashion sense and search for women’s titanium glasses in Melbourne speak for themselves. No matter how conscious you are about matching the frame with your face, outfit, and personality, don’t ignore that the basic reason for buying glasses is to correct your vision.

Glasses for face shapes

The bone of contention is that there is no perfect face shape like triangle, square, circle, or heart. So, you are going to face the heat if your face shape does not belong to the aforementioned categories. Most faces combine two different shapes with protruded foreheads and rounded chins. So, trying to pick one eyeframe with the lineup of different shapes may seem impossible.

 For instance, your face may resemble an oval shape but the forehead is not exact what an oval-face shaped individual should have. Explore titanium eyeglass frames in Melbourne based on the guidelines but dare to break the rules as well. Ideally, the eyeglasses you buy need to bring a balanced look on your face and should never go out of proportion.

How to a trendy eyeglass for women?

ryan adda designer eyewear

Today, you have glasses that are dedicated and unisex styles that are equally trendy. However, you need to follow a set of definite protocols when picking prescription eyeglasses. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Check the dimensions of frames

Are you aware of what frame dimensions mean? It’s the width of the frame and lens, the height of the lens, bridge width, and temple length. You need to just compare the dimension to find out how well they match with the features of your face. This way, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision when getting titanium glass frames for women.

  • Protection for your eyes

If you stay outdoors for long hours and your eyes are exposed to dust and dirt, don’t compromise the quality of frame as well as lens. Titanium glasses are all rage these days, and are known for their durability. So, if you are in for a stylish metal frame, explore the collections and pick one that will suit different environments.

  • Fulfil your vision requirements

The vision needs to be at the forefront when you look for titanium eyeglass frames for women. Carry the prescription with you when visiting an optical store. Remember that your lens may not fit all kinds of frames, so get them at first before you realise what makes you comfortable. For powerful lens, you will need high-end styles

  • Size of the frames

Frames come in varied sizes, so you will have to measure yours to ensure that they match our face. Don’t rush to make a decision as sizes vary based on the brand of glasses. Frames for women are usually smaller in size when compared to men’s frames. So, don’t fall prey to the convincing words of the sales person in the store, try to make an informed decision based on the exact size of the frames.

  • Eyewear based on lifestyle

What kind of activities do you engage in more often? Are you a social worker, a lawyer a teacher, or working in a corporate firm? The work outfits of these professionals are different and so are the eyeglasses. You need to make an odd-even choice of your lifestyle keeps changing often. Make sure that the glasses you buy are meant to stay in place and do not shift more often, especially when you are engaged in some important work or delivering a presentation.

  • Complement your face shape

The glasses you buy should not only help you view more clearly but when buying on that suits your face shape, you got to look for frames that contrast the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a square face, choose an oval frame. Similarly, women with heart-shaped faces need to be more careful and choose a frame that complies with square faces.

  • Check the features of eyeglasses

You don’t just look for titanium eyeglass frames in Melbourne but check the features of the frame carefully. With titanium frames, you can forget your concerns related to durability. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic, so you won’t have face rashes even when you wear glasses for long hours or throughout the day. As far as lenses are concerned, look for anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens when you need not worry about using them every day. Your way of handling the glasses also determine how well adjusted you are to use the frame and lens you have chosen.

  • Customise the glasses

Well, nothing else creates a wow look than wearing the right pair of glasses. All you need to do is choose a frame and customise it with any colour or shade that you find a perfect match with your skin complexion. For instance, if you have fair skin, go for lighter shades ad dark skin tones go well with darker shades. Don’t forget to try the glasses once to make sure they are the right fit, and exactly like what you have been looking for.

So, you are done with the parameters based on which you need to get your pair of glasses. From classic to bold frames , Visit our website to get the best pair of titanium glasses.


  1. How do I order glasses online?

It’s easy. You just have to choose an authentic store and shop for the frame. Decide and share your prescription with the sellers ad get the glasses delivered at your doorstep.

  1. What are the options of lens?

There are plenty of lenses to choose from like single vision, multi-focal, and reading. Just pick your frame and check whether it can fit in the lens properly.

  1. Are frames for omen different than men?

Women usually use smaller frames compared to men. So, check the size and dimensions carefully when buying your glasses.

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