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Titanium is the ultimate essence of our eyewear —  and so for your soul.


At RYAN ADDA, we consistently value ourselves on selecting the best material for our eyeglasses.

Strength and Lightness

Titanium, the most sturdy material presented at RYAN ADDA, is a high-end metal renowned for its toughness, durability and strength.

Given the low density of this element, the Titanium eyeglass lenses are remarkably lightweight, rendering them ideal for wearing comfort for long periods of time, as well as suitable for all kinds of prescription eyeglasses.

Corrosion-free and Outstanding Biodegradability

Outstanding physiological characteristics of our titanium often distinguish the corrosion-resistant and extreme resilient quality. Unlike glasses made of other materials, titanium eyewear would not trigger discomfort and pain and is thus ideal for people with metal allergies. The supreme quality titanium used by RYAN ADDA is really versatile and also fully corrosion-resistant.

In addition, pure titanium and beta-titanium are not only non-toxic and has excellent biocompatibility, but have no traces of nickel or other contaminants. These properties guarantee excellent wear convenience and absolute comfort.


Titanium is a natural resource of a complex nature. The metal is super-light, durable and highly versatile. These characteristics allow it easy to modify your RYAN ADDA frame to suit your face beautifully.Titanium frames are available in a wide variety of colours and styles for every of our RYAN ADDA collections

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