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I’m a Designer and Art Director in Melbourne. Aesthetics and an appreciation for all manner design forms is in my DNA. With so many visual messages bombarding our daily life, it is those that project a sense of quality that I pay the most attention to.

Any creative individual will testify that good design makes our experiences in life better and more pleasurable.

In my line of work as a Designer and Art Director in Melbourne, I am encourage to have a keen observation of the world around me. I need to have a strong eye for detail when I am designing and art directing. Due to my jobs, I require eyewear which feels invisible and is of the highest quality. My RYAN ADDA’s are incredibly well designed and are a pleasure to wear.

I also enjoy a busy lifestyle with my young family. As we often experience four seasons in one day, having a spare pair of glasses in the car means that I’m well equipped for whatever adventures the weekend will bring. My profile.

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