As the banker in a fast paced industry, I can tell you honestly that the banking industry is fast paced. You have to adapt to its speed. This is because, if you don’t react fast enough, you would be dropped out of this industry. Not slowly either as the industry will be dropping you in a blink of an eye.

I have to keep up my appearance as a banker, so, I have to always look sharp, clean and professional. With my RYAN ADDA frame, I look professional and stylish without having to sacrifice either one. Normally, the professional frames are out of date and pretty old fashion, but these frame is timelessly fashionable.

As the banker in a fast paced industry, I feel secured with my RYAN ADDA glasses. I can carry out my work without second guessing my actions in fear of dropping my glasses or if it would slip down my face.

As you have read all these things about me, you learned some things about me and my job. What the banking industry is like a little bit and how it helps shape me into who I am today. Fast, flexible and always professional during my work, so, show me the money!