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Daring Look

Designer eyewear can do a lot more than making you look great! They can drive you to distinct heights of style! People commonly recognise you by your face; hence the eyewear that you incorporate to spice up your look is a very substantial element of your personality.

Whether you want to appear more sophisticated, lively, spirited, modern, conservative, or any look that you want to resemble more, the right eyewear can help to shape your look based on what you want others to perceive you! Even if you prefer to wear only one pair of eyeglasses for every occasion you’re in, that would say something about you as well! RYAN ADDA offers a series of frames that every detail to the next level that promise the wearer to stand out from the crowd.


The originating founder of eyewear. Admire them or reject them; the round spectacle frame is absolutely rich. Fashion trends tend to come full circle, and round eyeglasses frames are getting a superior comeback. RYAN ADDA ONE CHEERFUL is a trendy glasses frames made of thin titanium that showcase your sophisticated inner look. If you’re looking for something that’s bold and quirky, you’ll love these polished titanium options. It comes with three basic colour options, yet expressing the wearer’s superiority, you can choose which colour suits your look the best.


This fusion of titanium and acetate materials frame is detailed with its beautiful fusion of colour for each three colour scheme. They are captivating and sophisticated and are designed to leave an impression on the wearer. The main concept of its circular figure is to describe the ability of a general to unite and inspire people. To make a group of a thousand men stand together, braving the winds, hurdles and enemy forces together as one single unit.


Small eyewear frames have small-sized narrow lenses and wider bridge or endpiece widths. You may have found that it is difficult to get a perfect fit that resembles a strong character with thin frames, especially for a smaller face, but you have come to the right place. RYAN ADDA FLIGHT KNIGHT ultra-thin, exceptionally lightweight spectacle lenses and frames give you that strong look, with its angular frames that would highlight round faces, making it look narrower and more prominent and visually magnify the face. The two options of colours make facial features more rigid and convey provision and power.


The strong acetate and sleek dark titanium frames are lighter than a traditional full-rim. This eyewear is humble yet daring with its stylish rectangular-shaped lenses. Take advantage of the adaptable rectangular frames that look equally good on both casual and formal occasions, with their layered design, represents the lineage of legends through the generations. The faint lines mimic the trunk of a tree, symbolising the lifespan of legends and how their work and efforts are cherished to this day.