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RYAN ADDA x Bront Palarae

The collaboration between RYAN ADDA and Bront Palarae is setting new standards in the Eyewear industry with iconic design, top quality metal material with the eminent legacy of craftsman techniques and skilled manufacturing resulting in premium and gorgeous styles.

Bront Palarae has a well-documented affinity for sunglasses. He incorporates them at photoshoots, on social media and during interviews. The multiple award-winning actors, director and producer, wore shades throughout his appearances in award shows and while producing and acting for films and tv shows. It’s right to say that sunglasses are part of how his personality as an artist.

Comes in 3 designs, with each represents superior and daring concepts, we are proud to welcome him for an exciting collaboration. RYAN ADDA X Bront Palarae persona suits this collaboration as his personality, characteristics and attitude reflects RYAN ADDA’s global brand. He had conquered the world of entertaining with multiple awards, with recently being awarded the title Best Leading Male Performance – Digital for his role in the streaming TV series The Bridge 2 at the 25th Asian Television Awards.

Thus, the concept for this collaboration is to establish a collection of sunglasses that can depict this outstanding character of a successful individual, but yet still keeping a minimalistic look that could still radiate the true persona of the wearer. Each 3 designs’ styles are unisex and possess classic colour schemes, from black, silver, and gold to gun colour combinations.

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