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Gradient Sunglasses

Style. Iconic. Timeless

Gradient lenses with a progressive change in tint from typically darker at the top to lighter at the bottom are fabricated in the exclusive collaboration between RYAN ADDA X BRONT PALARAE metal glasses. Available in our favourite metal frames ranging in shape from rectangular like RA X BRONT PALARAE S1 to round sunglasses like RA X BRONT PALARAE S4. The gradient tint protects the eyes from direct sunlight, making these an excellent summer pick!

What are Gradient Lenses, and why do you need them?

RYAN ADDA exclusive collaboration with Bront Palarae Sunglasses Collection is ideal for eliminating glare. Gradient lenses are preferable for driving in the afternoon sun and throughout the daytime since they block more glare from overhead.

How do gradient lenses work?

Gradient lenses are colored from the top-down, with the darkest section at the top progressively diminishing to either no tint or little tint at the very bottom. Gradient lenses are often the greatest option for driving and spending time in overhead sunlight since they protect from the top while still enabling you to see through the center of the lens comfortably.

Bront Palarae is a well-known worldwide actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. Elegant, charming, and one-of-a-kind. These three words characterize not only Bront Palarae but also this RYAN ADDA X BRONT PALARAE signature sunglasses collaboration. Classic sunglasses for a refined individual.

Gradient Sunglasses


Are you looking to collaborate with RYAN ADDA to become the distributor of our Australian Designer Eyewear?

RYAN ADDA is open for business opportunities with local or international distributors worldwide for the distribution of our optical frames and high-end sunglasses. For any inquiries, contact us at (+614) 1324 3782 or send us an email, and our team will get in touch shortly.

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