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Featured RA X Bront Palarae: Latest Technology of Super Elastic Hinge System

The collaboration of RYAN ADDA and Bront Palarae is setting new benchmarks in the Eyewear industries with groundbreaking design, high-quality metal materials with a prominent tradition of craftsman skills, and professional production, leading in luxurious and stunning designs.

For the first time in history, RYAN ADDA has introduced the newest super elastic hinge device technology on this collaboration series, utilizing screw-less and zero welding mechanism technology. The collaboration of RYAN ADDA and Bront Palarae has resulted in the creation and patenting of revolutionary hinge glasses, resulting in greater frame longevity. Our invention is centered on a user-interchangeable fuse feature.

This game-changing design gave the sunglasses collection a streamlined appearance. We would guarantee the strong longevity of our frame under given circumstances of use due to the simplicity of our nature and the consistency of the materials incorporated in our collection series. This minimalist design has contributed to the collection’s eco-friendliness by helping us to manage manufacturing costs by restricting the number of components and number of measures taken for the operations.

Our technology also specializes in preserving the frame during an unusual application, such as an accident, in order to restrict the service: through the construction of a fuse. Evidently, the elasticity is engineered to crack after a certain amount of bending. It can be interchanged freely by the user without the use of any equipment.

Also, that the vacuum plating on the frames rendered them more sweat-resistant, and the polarized lenses were just 2mm thick, making the sunglasses incredibly lightweight! Come and try the sunglasses by yourself! Take a look at all of the designs featured under this collection here.

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