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A Look At The City Of Melbourne

“Exquisite cuisine, thrilling sports, and a plethora of art experiences await you in Melbourne.”

A Liveable City

Melbourne is voted as the world’s most liveable city in a number of worldwide surveys for nearly a decade. In the first place, putting aside the issues with such metrics, Melbourne has evolved from an economic powerhouse in the 1980s. Despite taking into account the industrial collapse, this city has transformed into a dynamic and multicultural global metropolis. Subsequently, a series of concerted efforts by the municipal and state governments to convert the city centre from an unfavourable site into an attractive area to work, live and play is essential to this transition.

History of Melbourne

After an unsuccessful attempt in 1803 to build a town within the Port Phillip Bay heads at Sorrento, Melbourne was established on the Yarra River in 1835. Finally, in 1850, the Port Phillip District has declared its independence from New South Wales. Moreover, the gold rush in the area to the north fueled Melbourne’s growth in the 1850s.

Meanwhile, many people who have travelled across Australia consider Melbourne to be their favourite city. Indeed, while many Australian locales provide white sand beaches and unbearably hot temperatures, Melbourne presents a very different life experience. Not to mention, it’s not the typical beach town that comes to mind when you think of Australia as a whole. Although the weather isn’t always cooperative, the laid-back, feel-good attitude is unmatched, despite poor weather days just add to the pleasure of good weather days. Together with amazing cuisine, a multitude of music events and cultural festivals, a diverse nightlife, and a more down to earth environment in the middle of a metropolis will all be available to anyone.

A Look At The City Of Melbourne

RYAN ADDA In Melbourne

Hence, for these reasons, RYAN ADDA was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. Our brand has since gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of designer eyewear. Consequently, fast forward to today, RYAN ADDA is synonymous with quality and design. The brand is now accessible not just in Australia but also in selected retailers and independent shops in more than seven countries. The team of RYAN ADDA designer eyewear is managed by dedicated professionals that share their utmost goal.

After all, Melbourne is Australia’s cultural capital. It is especially famous for its music, art centres, museums, celebrations and presentation of art. It is named the most livable city in the world year after year. After all, it’s easy to understand the reason for the nomination. Hipsters and anyone who likes a nice stylish café or cocktail bar will love this spot. Everyone is very laid-back, and the city is constantly buzzing with positive energy.

ME Melbourne

Hence, RYAN ADDA finds pride in creating collections that reflect the richness of this cultural city through a variety of handcrafted frame collections. ME Collection is all about making a statement with each of the distinctive eyewear frames that represent different major cities across the globe. Due to this reason, it wouldn’t be complete without our own piece that symbolises Melbourne.

A Look At The City Of Melbourne
A Look At The City Of Melbourne

ME Melbourne was influenced by the city’s urban lifestyles as well as its ethnic mix. The Flinders Street Railway Station lines and inspiration forms served as the backdrops for this magnificent design. It is known as Melbourne’s heart and has gone on to become one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Notably, this structure is widely known as a civic attraction with a unique architectural identity. Likewise, it is a popular urban linchpin in Melbourne’s central business district. The eye form combines the realism of strongly defined shapes with the city’s well-known smooth and harmonious edge. The ME Melbourne is a real form that encompasses a person’s actual selflessness and beliefs.

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