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Bront Palarae Collection: A Statement To Details

We’ve long included symbols that signal to customers that they’re carrying frames from RYAN ADDA. We aim in establishing a renowned luxury designer eyewear brand without relying too heavily on the logo. Henceforth, the most significant feature of our RA X Bront Palarae Collection is the superelastic hinge device technology.

Screw-Less And Zeroes Welding Mechanism Technology

RYAN ADDA has presented the latest technology in this collaboration series. We exclusively employ screw-less and zeroes welding mechanism technology. Bront Palarae Collection is an innovative eyewear solution that designs, develops, and manufactures eyewear with an emphasis on practicality and maximum user comfort, as well as simplicity and a fashionable style. The collaboration of RYAN ADDA and Bront Palarae led to the development and invention of revolutionary hinge glasses. This hence results in increased frame longevity. Our idea revolves around a fuse that is changeable by the user.

This revolutionary design gives the eyewear collection a more streamlined look. Due to the minimalism of our nature and the uniformity of the materials included in our collection series, we guarantee the strong durability of our frame under the specifications of use. This minimalist design has aided the collection’s eco-friendliness by assisting us in managing production costs. This is through limitations in the number of components and operational measures used.

Bending Mechanism

Our technology also specialises in maintaining the frame during an unexpected application. This is particularly during accidents, in order to limit the unexpected activities through the creation of a fuse. The elasticity may break after a certain degree of bending. It may be readily interchanged by the user without the need for any special equipment.

Bront Palarae Collection: A Statement To Details

RA X BRONT PALARAE S2 constitutes a double bridge that has a second reinforcing bar that goes over the top of the bridge. The double-bridge feature is added in order to increase their resistance. Comes in a square design, this frame is uniquely different from the rest of the frames in the collection due to the attached double bridge that brings up the distinctive look of the frame, with complimentary of two colourways, indigo and baby blue colour, that showcase the elegance and muscularity of the wearer.

Bront Palarae Collection: A Statement To Details

RA X BRONT PALARAE S4 comes in a round shape design, and also, like the majority of the sunglasses in this collection, this particular piece does as well possessed a double bridge mechanism. Due to the circular shape, it instantly brings out the retro look of this type of frame. The different shapes of the top (linear) and bottom (curvy) bridge add a stylish flourish and draw visual attention up toward the forehead of the wearer.

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