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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frames for Every Face 

Choosing new eyeglass frames is almost like updating the entire look. Not sure how to begin your buying journey? With thousands of frames to choose from, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. An excellent option is to getting acquainted with frames for faces. That way, you will find it easier to pick the perfect pair of eyewear.

Glasses for every face

Wearing glasses today is not just picking a pair that lets you see more clearly. Eyewear today is like a fashion accessory. So, it’s time you say goodbye to those thick and awkward frames and enter the new realm of eyeglasses where face shapes determine which pair you should pick. When shopping for eyeglasses, try to view them as a functional tool for better visibility but choose a pair that suits your face shape.

So, get ready to include your eyeglasses as part of the fashion ensemble where your face and its features fit in well. Just like choosing your outfit, make sure the eyewear merges well with your face shape, complexion, and your personality. Before picking an eyewear based on the shape of your face, here is how you need to determine your face shape:

  • Square face shape : People with square face shape have broad chin and forehead and wide jawline
  • Oval face: People with oval have narrow chin and forehead, curved jawline with wide and high cheekbones.
  • Heartshaped face: People having heart shaped faces usually have narrow chin and wide forehead and protruded cheekbones
  • Round face : Round faces are those where cheeks, chin, and forehead are similar in length and width with soft jawline and cheekbones
  • Triangular face: People with triangular faces have wide jawline, chin, and narrow forehead

Ways to figure out your face shape

Are you still in two minds about what your face shape is and juggling between frames when shopping for eyewear? Well, it’s not that difficult. You just have to look into the mirror and study the face features more closely. Here is how:

  • Find out whether the jawline is curved or angular
  • Check the forehead shape and find out whether it is narrow or wide
  • Are your cheekbones prominent or soft?

Form an idea about your face shape before choosing your titanium glasses frames in Australia. Ideally, you have to balance the features. Above all, you can always create your own rules and get eyeglasses that reflect your personality.

Eyewear for square face – men and women

For men with square shaped faces, thin frames with rounded or curved edges are a perfect fit. That way, the face angles become softer. Avoid making the mistake of getting narrow frame as it may hamper your look. When shopping for frames, you can pick from oval or round shape.

Similarly, when picking an eyewear for women with square-shaped face, go for round instead of angular frames. The reason is that the round frames soften the already existing angular features and make the noticeable aspects of your face more visible. Pick from semi-rimless or rimless frames to kickstart the choice. Familiarise yourself with these tricks before buying eyeglass frames for square faces that suit both men and women.

Eyewear for oval face – men and women

Just as picking eyeglasses for square faces, getting one for oval shaped face may also pose challenges for men and women.  For men with oval faces, buying eyeglasses is comparatively easier because the shape is proportionately much better and balances the features pretty well. Ideally, the frame should be slightly wider than the broadest portion of your face. Avoid venturing into a perfectly circular or square frame as it may destroy your look. Ideally, you should go for square frame that are slightly thicker or round frames as they would define your face to a great extent. Never choose oversized frames as oval faces are pretty much proportionate and you can avoid the balancing act.

Women with oval faces will also have proportionate features, so they can get on well with any shape and aesthetics. However, square and rectangle frames work well. Buying eyeglass frames for oval faces would become easy when focus on the parameters of your face.

Eyewear for heart-shaped faces

Buying eyeglass frames for heart-shaped faces is comparatively more challenging than buying frames for faces with conventional shapes. For men with heart-shaped faces should avoid square frames as it will destroy the curves off your face. On the other hand, narrow frames will also camouflage your look. Try getting oval-shaped frames or those that come with a heavy bottom. For women with heart-shaped faces, the features would determine which shape you need to choose. For narrow chin, the frame need to be bottom-heavy and for wide foreheads, frames with lower temples will work.

Eyewear for diamond-shaped faces

When shopping eyeglass frames for diamond-shaped faces, you need to be familiar with the basic characteristics. So, search for frames that come with sharper and more defined features would be a perfect fit. On the other hand, you can go for wider frames if you desire a catchy look. Just make sure you don’t search for narrow frames. For women with diamond-shaped faces, which is comparatively rarer than the rest, the shape would be such that brings out the favourite attributes.

Eyewear for round faces

When choosing frames for men and women with round faces, avoid choosing those with rounded corners and make sure they are sleek and thin. Ideally, you need to get frames that create a perfect contrast with the face shape.

So, you have a flurry of frames sizes and shapes to pick based on the shape of your face. However, the choices may have slight differences when it comes to men and women. Add to that colour and patterns and create a unique look. Above everything, you must check the quality of the frame you are buying. Don’t deviate from quality as it hampers the depth of your look. Visit https://ryanadda.com/ , the ultimate destination for titanium frames in Melbourne and buy a frame that aligns with your face shape as well as lifestyle.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Does face shape matter when picking glasses?

Yes, it does as the shape of the frame defines your look, provides balance and makes your favourite attributes more prominent.

How should eyeglasses fit your face?

The eyeglasses you choose must resonate with the width of the face at the temples. So, don’t choose a frame that is too narrow or wide as you will end up compromising your facial features.

How do I know whether the glasses fit my face perfectly?

Just go through the guideline of which face shape aligns with the frame shapes. Identify your face shape and pick one that you find more suitable.

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