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I was originally from Malaysia but then I moved to Melbourne 5 years ago. I started in Marketing, moved on to Teaching and eventually my on-going passion for fashion lead to my career in Retail.

My idea of Retail is about creating an intensity through social presence and being inspired by the team that breaths, thinks and walks the brand. A team that represents the brand to its fullest potential.

I love surrounding myself with beautiful people and beautiful things. From my point of view, fashion enables up to express our individuality without words. It is an expression of feeling and personality. An aspect of life that holds no judgement. Not to mention the amount of confidence that would radiate from someone who is feeling good about their style.

While my love for fashion is a big part of my life, Food will always be my drive. My Malaysian background has fueled me into becoming an incredibly food-driven individual. Have you heard of the term “Hangry”? The world Hungry and Angry put together? Haha. You might think its not a real thing but believe me, it is a very real thing. Malaysians take their food very seriously. Due to that, I plan my weekends around the next restaurant, cafe or bar to explore. On the weekdays, I try to replicate the dishes that have inspired me as cooking helps me relax after a long day at work.

Let us talk about food even more, my partner and I love having friends and family over to enjoy our little food experiments. There is nothing like bonding over good food and drinks.

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