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The Chef from New Zealand To Melbourne. As you can guess, I am a chef. I was originally from New Zealand but moved to Melbourne. I wanted to dive into the diverse food scene that makes Melbourne world-renowned on the culinary landscape.

After spending many years working within the fine dining scene I have branched out into the more casual American cuisine.

I live in the urban oasis of Brunswick with my partner and my dog, it is the perfect escape from the hustle of working in the city. We spend our spare time enjoying the multi-culturalism of our surroundings-eating out, shopping at the local markets and spending time with friends in the local bar scene.

As a chef from New Zealand to Melbourne, I enjoy traveling and have my fair share in traveling. I love traveling especially when I get to experience new cuisines and cultures. Favorite destinations so far include Tokyo for all that the sprawling metropolis has to offer, and Seminyak in Bali for its gorgeous beaches and charming hospitality of the locals.

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