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Premium Hybrid Styles – Flight Collection

The name follows the story of a brilliant concept or fantastic notion – live out of a suitcase. A traveller. That’s how we perceive the person is while carrying it. Hit the road! Travel the country, explore the whole world!

A striking power, elegance, and notoriety represent RYAN ADDA’s flight collection. The FLIGHT COLLECTION is designed to maximize the wearer’s strength and confidence.

The nine exclusive FLIGHT COLLECTION frames feature modern heritage details like the creation of the silicone teardrop temple tip, different slender top-shape designs and the seamless incorporation of mixed material integration. A sophisticated interplay is designed by uniting two materials for the frame. The collection is a perfect symbiosis of two high-quality materials, a hybrid of finest titanium and delicate acetate, which create a powerful, practically unbreakable style fusion. Branded as luxurious yet lightweight takes on the simplistic, the FLIGHT COLLECTION offers convenience and elegance all in one.

In history, strongly intellectual men and women have driven societies to dream higher, leap ahead and build better in every region across the globe. Thus, all designs inspiration of the FLIGHT COLLECTION is from the empowering individuals, aiming to create an exquisite and sophisticated look for the wearer.

This series of FLIGHT COLLECTION is creations of infinite excitement, limitless confidence and global creativity. Every single frame of the collection has its own distinctive look and personalities that reflect the wearer’s supreme presence. Flight Captain, for instance, has four flat edges of the frame which symbolise the four facets of a pilot, to guide, support, inspire and represent the members of their team, whereas a Flight Leader has a round base and a flat top that demonstrates a leader’s ability to unite their followers while respecting all citizens with fair treatment and respect.

Through flight, we conquered lands. Through flight, we conquered seas. Through flight, we conquered space. So let this flight help you win your look!

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