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Luxurious Titanium – Me Collection

We all agree that there’s no finer choice when it comes to performance than a titanium frame. Titanium eyeglasses are a conventional choice for its power, elegance, durability and comfort.

The RYAN ADDA ME COLLECTION is uniquely crafted by utilising only high-quality titanium, in accordance by making sure it’s minimalistic and lightweight properties stay undefeated. Styles are contemporary and even classic blended. All design inspiration is from diverse architectural buildings or human-made materials around the globe. 

The collection is motivated by cities around the world. Cities are platforms for the trade of commodities, culture, experience and ideas. Every building and every city is the stage where this exchange occurs: it is the access to the home and the service, and the passage to other places within and outside of the city. The climate, culture and personality of a city render it special compared to the others.

Every building and every city has a story following it, and the ME COLLECTION allures influence from them to recreate the spirit, layout and richness of these models. The jagged lines or smooth curves of each design brings a degree of sophistication to the construct, bringing an additional dimension to the nature behind it.

The ME COLLECTION’s titanium frame binds the wearer to origins of their home country to experience a feeling of nostalgia or appreciation of a new location. Words may be used to explain millions of ideas, but we strive to convey certain indescribable meanings by reconnecting the close links between individual and diverse cities. Each nation has its history; each city has its culture; each building has its tale, so let this ME COLLECTION reconnect you with each of these.

Available in different styles, shapes and designs, ME COLLECTION gives the wearers the freedom to own a statement piece that complements their personality in every way.

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