Eyewear Trends 2022
Eyewear Trends 2022

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It’s the first month of the year. January is a winter month in the northern half of the world and a summer month in the southern half. Hence, RYAN ADDA designer eyewear pledge in incorporating both bright colors to compliment the darkest and coldest of seasons for the regions experiencing winter and dark colors to minimize the bright summer seasons.

The RYAN ADDA design DNA is born from the combined functionality of the founders, both as an experienced optometrist and optician, established and impactfully grown in the city of Melbourne. The extraordinary designs of the following image series speak for themselves. We carefully selected frames that especially do not incorporate multiple color hues. Our idea is to start the year full of confidence and elegance to match your look.


Explore ME Series


Explore ONE series


Are you looking to collaborate with RYAN ADDA to become the distributor of our Australian Designer Eyewear?

RYAN ADDA is open for business opportunities with local or international distributors worldwide for the distribution of our optical frames and high-end sunglasses.

For any inquiries, contact us at (+614) 1324 3782 or send us an email, and our team will get in touch shortly.

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