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Bront Palarae Collaboration

RYAN ADDA, an international brand that represents minimalism, functionality and elegance. With these new collections of Sunglasses, we wanted someone that will represent these images, that will merge with us and become one. That is why, we are proud to welcome actor, director and producer, Bront Palarae for an exciting collaboration. RYAN ADDA X Bront Palarae persona suits this collaboration as his personality, characteristics and attitude reflects RYAN ADDA’s global brand.

Bront Palarae, What can’t he do? He’s an actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Sleek, charismatic and one of a kind. These three words not only describe Bront Palarae but this RYAN ADDA X BRONT PALARAE collaboration signature sunglasses. Classic sunglasses for a classy person.


Bront Palarae Collaboration   Bront Palarae Collaboration

Bront Palarae Collaboration   Bront Palarae Collaboration

Three fashionably dressed individuals are confidently walking out of a building with strong sunlight casting shadows on the wall.Three people are standing and walking in a sunny, public event, with spectators seated around them.

Bront Palarae Collaboration A man in a pinstripe suit and sunglasses tipping his straw hat.


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