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The Brand

At Ryan Adda, nestled in the heart of Melbourne, we are more than just an Australian titanium designer eyewear brand; we stand a seamless blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Our brand ethos revolves creating collections of collaborative efforts, transcending our designs to the rich tapestry of our global heritage. Each piece narrates a story, intertwining the facial structures of multicultural individuals—a narrative woven from both classic wisdom and contemporary flair. We offer not merely a product but an experience that transcends borders, inviting you to view the world through our lenses, where every frame celebrates unity in diversity.

Drawing inspiration from Eastern design elements, we blend intricate patterns with dark, solid colors to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. By marrying this with sleek, minimalist Western design principles, our eyewear collection comes alive with bold, vibrant colors and architectural motifs. This creates a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, allowing individuals from diverse Asian backgrounds to explore bold hues and styles. Our meticulous attention to style, color, craftsmanship, functionality, design, and material choice is evident in every piece. In collaboration with a renowned French designer, we infuse our creations with a European flair, ensuring that our eyewear stands at the crossroads of culture, innovation, and artistry.

What distinguishes Ryan Adda is our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. We exclusively utilize premium Japanese titanium in our frames, ensuring unparalleled lightweight comfort without compromising on durability. Our dedication to excellence extends to the incorporation of precision-engineered hinge parts from Germany, ensuring seamless functionality with each wear.  Sustainability is a cornerstone of our philosophy. By utilizing eco-friendly acetate in our designs, we underscore our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the environment for future generations.

In essence, Ryan Adda epitomizes sophistication, elegance, and innovation in designer eyewear. We invite you to explore the unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless style of our collection, embarking on a journey where East meets West in perfect harmony.