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UV And Sunglasses: Protect Your Eyes Against UV Rays

By now, you should already know that too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light may cause sunburn and skin cancer. But did you know that UV could damage your eyes as well? We’re always advised to use sunscreen before going out of the home. But did you know that protecting your eyes is just as crucial?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight UV rays has been associated with severe eye disorders, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia, pingueculae, and photokeratitis. With higher levels of UV radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface, it is vital to take the required precautions to protect your eyes.

What are UV Rays?

The main danger of the sun to us is in the form of UV rays or radiation. UV radiation is an aspect of solar radiation. Artificial sources, such as welding devices and lasers, can also emit UV radiation. Ultraviolet radiation, as is scientifically understood, has three types that can have different implications.


This type has the lowest energy, but it can still cause harm if it is overexposed. These will move through the cornea to penetrate the inside of the eye. Overexposure to UVA radiation has been associated with the development of some forms of cataracts, and evidence indicates that UVA radiation may hold a role in developing macular degeneration.


These rays are partly filtered through the layer of ozone. Those that make it through ozone are what make our skin tan and can contribute to health issues too.

With low exposure, these rays can most lead to the development of melanin that darkens the tone of our skin, developing a suntan. In higher exposures, this radiation level can sunburn the skin and raise the risk of skin cancer. Additional health issues can include skin discolouration, wrinkles, and early ageing symptoms.

Overexposure to sunlight UVB radiation is often associated with a series of eye disorders, including pinguecula, pterygium, and photokeratitis (‘s now blindness’).

Since cornea tends to absorb 100% of UVB light, this type of UV radiation rarely causes cataracts or any other eye problems associated with UVA exposure.


This level is known to have the highest degree of ultraviolet radiation and the most dangerous to the eyes and skin. Lucky us that the Earth’s ozone layer in the atmosphere absorbs any of these UVC rays. Even so, with the current climate crisis and the loss of the ozone layer, this may potentially cause these severe and destructive rays to enter the atmosphere, causing serious health problems for everyone.

Tips about sunglasses and UV exposure

There are many myths about shielding the eyes from the sun. Keep in that:

  • Try to use sunglasses even though you’re not under direct sun exposure. Even though shade reduces your exposure to UV rays to some extent, your eyes will still be exposed to reflective UV rays from houses, roads, and other surfaces.
  • Bear in mind that not all sunglasses can totally block the UV light. You may bring your glasses to your eye doctor or optician for testing if you’re unsure about the level of protection against the sun that your glasses can provide. Many eye doctors practitioners have equipment that can determine the level of UV radiation your lenses can withstand.
  • Blocking the UV at the front of the lens doesn’t do it when it comes to keeping the eyes protected. To protect your eyes, a good pair of sunglasses eliminate the UV rays that mirror the back of your lenses by applying an anti-reflective (AR) layer that reduces the reflection of UV light. When you have this additional UV protection, up to 98% of your eyes and the skin around your eyes can be shielded from the UV rays.

Sunglasses are to the eye what sunscreen is to the skin. Proper eye protection is the greatest weapon against harmful UV rays. Here at RYAN ADDA, we offer ultra-premium, damage-resistant, and optically clear lenses, providing 100% protection against harmful rays.

Without losing the elegance and versatility, our sunglasses’ line offers luxury eyeglasses for everyone—varying designs for active explorers to sleek and eye-catching fashionistas’ frames.

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