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I am retired and enjoying my best life ever. Although retired, I am still keeping myself as I am self-employed. In my life, I have done numerous jobs for many diverse organizations. I trained as a chef, went on to do event management, then into a sales role.

How old am I? Well, I am 55 years old and still active. I’m very fitness-focused and do 5+ sessions per week in the gym.

I live in Melbourne 4 days a week and have a home outside of Daylesford which I spend the other 3 days. I am presently learning French and will head to France in January to explore the country and improve my French.

Having traveled extensively, I have learned Italian, not perfect but good, and spent a lot of time in Italy. I have just recently spent the summer in Europe and sailed on the Croation Coast. Travel, food, entertaining and enjoying the company of friends is a big focus in my life. We also enjoy doing Airbnb in our home in Melbourne and have enjoyed meeting people over so many countries.

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