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RYAN ADDA at The Silmo Fair Singapore, in April 2023

Ryan Adda is proud to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming Silmo Fair, Singapore in April 2023.

Slimo Fair is the biggest eyewear and optics trade fair in Europe and now happening in Asia, Singapore. Operating in the optics industry for over 50 years, Silmo has been a major influence on all contemporary eyewear brands. Every year Silmo Fair invites major optic brands to showcase innovative and daring eyewear designs.

RYAN ADDA at The Silmo Fair Singapore, in April 2023

International events, such as the Silmo Fair in Singapore are held in multiple formats to explore the future of the optics industry and generate valuable content to allow professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. Presently, Silmo Fair is one of the most exclusive annual events within the optical industry that sees many renowned and the most prestigious optic brands from around the globe congregating to showcase their collections, offering retailers and buyers a unique opportunity to view the myriad collections on display.

RYAN ADDA at The Silmo Fair Singapore, in April 2023

So, at team Ryan Adda, we are thrilled to be taking part in the upcoming Silmo Fair Singapore, 2023. It will be held from April 12-14, and we are planning to showcase new hero models for some of our most popular designer eyewear collections – The Me Collection, The One Collection, and The Flight Collection. Setting the trend for the future, we are introducing new bright, pastel colours into the existing collections, so, do pay us a visit to take a look.

We would also be launching our brand new eyewear collections – The Zen (Essential), The Umami, and The Nova sunglasses.

The Zen collection is directed towards the new generation professionals who prefer minimalistic fashion. This new collection showcases how the beauty of the nakedness of the face can be enhanced with subtle, simple eyewear.

RYAN ADDA at The Silmo Fair Singapore, in April 2023

The Umami collection takes its inspiration from the Japanese food culture of simplicity. The Umami collection is for the professionals who value functionality over showmanship and simplicity over loudness. The collection is sophisticated, chic, and elegant.

The Nova collection of sunglasses targets the contemporary fashionistas, trendsetters, and influencers who are stars in their own rights. Designed by the notable French designer Mickaël Guillot, the collection comes in two distinct sets of styles – Astrid, for the women of today, and Supernova, for the men who are not afraid to stand out.

The highlight of the Ryan Adda brand is our titanium frames. Known for being lightweight and supremely durable, most of our eyewear collections are made of titanium and our titanium frames are the most coveted by customers. Ryan Adda’s collection of designer eyewear also offers a wide array of colour variants to choose from. Each of our eyewear is created with an inimitable minimalistic design. Being hypoallergenic, durable, and appealing, Ryan Adda designer eyewear is one of the fastest-growing eyewear brands catering to users of all ages

We, at Ryan Adda, have come a long way since being founded in 2016, and this opportunity to display our collections at the prestigious Silmo Fair Singapore is one of the most crucial benchmarks in our journey as a growing brand. We sincerely hope Ryan Adda’s designer eyewear will be just as well received at the trade fair as by our customers.

Ryan Adda has been a popular name among eyeglass users and optical retailers across countries like Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand, and known for expert craftsmanship and trendy, in-vogue designs. RYAN ADDA has also been added to Zeiss Virtual Try On Catalogue for all premium Zeiss stores. Here’s hoping our participation in the Silmo Fair Singapore will help us reach more customers around the globe.

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