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ME New York: Inspired By The City Of Fashion

When one thinks about fashion, chances are New York City comes to everyone’s mind. NYC is all the rage since it is home to many of the most renowned designers, premium labels, and the well-known historic fashion weeks.

New York as a Fashion Capital

The city has always been nominated as the world’s fashion capital. The Big Apple has had a significant impact on worldwide fashion trends and is a major hub for many of the fashion industry, events, and trade fairs. New York was not the first to have ready-to-wear fashion available to them. They were, though, the first capital to start hosting fashion week, the reason why they are usually the first to exhibit each year.

New Yorkers acknowledge that one’s fashion sense reflects one’s personality. In a bustling metropolis where everyone is constantly rushing to the next meeting, your attire must always create a strong first impression. Your classic professional outfit, structured purse, and overall stylish aesthetic, including your eyeglasses, would dominate the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn!


Our RYAN ADDA ME New York has it all. It combines classic designs with the newest trends, inspired by the ever-changing creative spirit of New York City. We recreated the finest historical styles of eternal round glasses into ageless, contemporary frames that are fashionable, sleek, and sophisticatedly nostalgic.

ME New York: Inspired By The City Of Fashion

The ME New York’s design incorporates a one-of-a-kind etching of the bar linking two frames, symbolising the world-famous Empire State Building. With the complement of ME New York’s round eyewear style, this customised frame will give a contemporary but classic appearance to your style.

RYAN ADDA is proud of the fine workmanship that goes into each pair of our glasses. Our prescription frames and sunglasses are designed to be pieces of art that can only be completed by your face.

Our designs are proudly developed in Melbourne and are offered online and in retail stores in over 8 countries worldwide.

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