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Looking for Wholesale Eyewear in Australia & New Zealand? Find Here at Asia Contacts 1

If you are a dealer looking for bulk eyewear for your retail store, Asia Contacts 1 offers wholesale eyewear in Australia and New Zealand with no recurring minimum order, keeping it cost-effective and competitive for smaller operators.

Asia Contacts 1 provides a diverse range of locally known and world-renowned eyewear brands. They house optical frames & sunglasses from RYAN ADDA, PAUL FRANK, CROCS EYEWEAR, CRISPIN BEES, and VUILET VEGA!

They also offer larger quantities for retailers looking to buy in bulk to save much more. They always stand with the idea that customers’ support and high-quality eyewear are the primary drivers of their company.

They are very honored to provide the best of supplying wholesale eyewear brands from around the world to be sold in Australia and New Zealand, and they are very pleased with this accomplishment. They believe that being chosen by this high-quality purchasing community is an industry-wide recognition for their business and their products.

They carry all the latest trends, and every style you could ever need to stock your retail operation is available at Asia Contacts 1.

The reliance on labels is the greatest thing of wholesale eyewear. Most people associate economical wholesale glasses with just one word: cheaper. Instead, wholesale eyewear and sunglasses place a strong focus on providing high-quality brands to the eyecare practitioners to whom they market. If you like iconic eyewear brands or a more trendy range, asiacontacts1.com has quite a good range for all of your desired options. Whether you’re new to wholesale eyeglasses or an eyeglass specialist looking to expand your choices, here’s a short review of the best brands that we carry.


Looking for Wholesale Eyewear in Australia & New Zealand? Find Here at Asia Contacts 1

Founded in 2016 by Ryan and Agnes, the RYAN ADDA brand has developed a reputation for breaking the limits of designer eyewear. When two visionary partners united—one with expertise in optometry, the other in dispensing—iconic fashion brand RYAN ADDA was born. RYAN ADDA was created to bring a relaxed and fashion-forward range of eyewear to the market, appealing to men and women in all stages of life.


A close-up image of a pair of black-rimmed Paul Frank eyeglasses against a pink gradient background.

The Paul Frank Eyeglasses are almost as legendary but in a more subdued manner. They are available in a variety of classic kinds and forms, including full-rimmed and partial-rimmed eyewear in a variety of bright colors.

Paul Frank’s imaginative and entertaining creations were influenced by handcrafting, mid-century modern architecture, fashion, and pop culture. With its vibrant color scheme and distinct aesthetics, the brand has spawned a cult-like audience of people of all ages who appreciate Paul Frank’s funny take on everyday items.


A man and a woman are modeling sunglasses for Crocs Eyewear against a dark background.

Crocs eyewear embodies the casual and distinctively friendly Crocs spirit, combining the distinct look and innovative nature of Crocs branded brands in terms of colors, forms, materials, and convenience. This trendy eyeglasses line incorporates the collection’s well-known passion for luxury and usefulness. The brand’s affinity for bright, futuristic fashion is reflected in its use of bold colors and on-trend silhouettes.


A smiling girl with glasses is holding a small fluffy dog, with 'crispin bees' written on the image, in an outdoor wooden bench setting.

Crispin Bee is environmentally friendly and is made of eco-friendly plastic that includes castor oil constituents (vegetable oil pressed from castor beans). Crispin Bee is also renowned for its hypoallergenicity; this environmentally friendly substance is also suitable for use in tableware and medical appliances.

It has been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International. Most notably, parents will have one less fear because Crispin Bees eyewear is utterly fit for infants and young children.


A man and a woman stylishly dressed in eyeglasses stand before a scenic lake with hills in the background.

Vuillet Vega, a family eyewear manufacturer for over 5 generations with a passion for perfection, started its business in 1843, in Paris, with Célestin Vuillet. It then continued in the Valley of Morez, the cradle of the traditional know-how in eyewear. As one of the oldest French eyewear manufacturers, it was the first to obtain the Label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » in 2006 and the label “Origine France Garantie” for its 4 collections in 2011.

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