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Advanced Ion Plating Techniques: Elevating the Durability and Elegance of Titanium Eyewear

advanced ion plating

The Ion Plating (IP) coating process for titanium eyewear involves several key steps to enhance the durability and appearance of the glasses. Here’s an overview of the process: Preparation: The titanium eyewear frames are thoroughly cleaned to remove any impurities or residues. This step is crucial for ensuring the coating adheres properly to the surface. […]

FLIGHT Collection


The Story RYAN ADDA Flight collection is defined by its striking power, style and prominence. The concept of this collection focuses on the duo concoction of acetate and titanium, creating a powerful nearly unbreakable fashion fusion. The Flight collection is made for amplifying the strength and confidence of the wearer. Throughout history, in every culture around […]

One Collection


The Story RYAN ADDA ONE Collection begins with one family, one team, one nation. The ONE collection design draws inspiration from the characteristics of the basic elements of earth, metal. In chemistry, a metal is an element that readily creates positive ions and loves forming metallic bonds. A strong bond is a balanced equation. The ONE […]

Me Collection


The Story RYAN ADDA ME COLLECTION is inspired by the cities around the world. The climate, culture and personality of a city that makes it unique to the others. Every building and every architecture in the city has a story behind it, and the ME Collection draws inspiration from them to replicate the spirit, nature and […]


plastic edited

At RYAN ADDA, we are incorporating the only premium quality acetate material for our eyeglasses frames. Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, implying that it’s much stronger, more durable (sturdy), and flexible than standard plastic which clarifies why it’s great for eyeglasses frames. It is more impenetrable to force put upon the frames and can flex […]



Strength and Lightness Titanium, the most sturdy material presented at RYAN ADDA, is a high-end metal renowned for its toughness, durability and strength. Given the low density of this element, the Titanium eyeglass lenses are remarkably lightweight, rendering them ideal for wearing comfort for long periods of time, as well as suitable for all kinds of prescription eyeglasses. Adjustability Titanium […]

The Craftsman

RYAN ADDA ME Paris Artist Impression scaled 1

Our craftsman are our pride. They finish the eyewear and inspect each an every collection before it’s out. Every detail, every inch and every part has been inspected, tuned and adjusted to fit your face ergonomically. Function + Design = RYAN ADDA

The Design

Design Ryan Adda

As a brand owner, RYAN ADDA celebrates the natural beauty of the naked face through our carefully crafted eyewear designs. We believe that our frames should enhance the wearer’s features seamlessly, creating a subtle yet strong presence with clean and sophisticated designs. Our ethos embodies effortless charisma, bridging the gap between fashion and spectacle wearers.Our […]

The Brand

Monogram RA New

As the founders of RYAN ADDA, we are proud to be at the forefront of the eyewear industry, creating stylish and comfortable eyewear for people of all ages. Our passion for innovation, design, and quality has driven us to create unique and individual pieces that draw inspiration from the beauty of the world around us. […]

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