I recently had an afternoon tea with @ryanadda where we got a special sneak peek preview of their RYAN ADDA New MIDO collection for 2019.

Let us talk more in depth about RYAN ADDA. RYAN ADDA is an international brand that is sold worldwide,. It is available in selected leading optical stores in France, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, and now, in Malaysia!

It is a contemporary designer eyewear brand with an Asian inspiration. The frames are made of lightweight high-quality titanium and is Nickle allergy free.

RYAN ADDA’s brand is all about “Visibility is Life”. Their aim is to create a relaxed eyewear fashion brand that bridges the gap between young trendsetters, fashionable progressive lens wearers and for those who want the finesse of designer eyewear but at a more accessible price-point.

Everyone can wear RYAN ADDA and look good wearing them. RYAN ADDA frames irradiates confidence, charisma and elegance. A one of a kind brand for their broad customers that puts their twist of individuality when wearing these frames. The RYAN ADDA New MIDO collection is absolutely stunning.