RYAN ADDA ONE Collection begins with one family, one team, one nation. The ONE collection design draws inspiration from the characteristics of the basic elements of earth, metal. In chemistry, a metal is an element that readily creates positive ions and loves forming metallic bonds. A strong bond is a balanced equation.


The ONE collection uses the elements of designs that show the unity of human bonds that coexist in a balanced and sustainable way. We aim to draw upon the attention that humans aren’t divided, far more connects us than separates us. We should build bridges instead of creating barriers, share knowledge instead of staying singular, to collaborate instead of contradicting.


The subtle messages embedded in the ONE collection are to unite and sustain the few things that we take for granted and to appreciate the fundamental elements of life; balance, bonds and unity. One invention changed the course of humanity, one discovery revolutionised science, one philosophy changed the way people lived, so maybe one collection is all it takes to unite the world.

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