Lyrical Dinie

My name is Dinie and I am 26 years old. I love singing and I am visual impaired. I was brought into this world with full vision but started having problems with my eyes at 10 years old. My parents noticed that I had really bad eyesight, so they brought me to see an optometrist and they discovered that my prescribed spectacle’s power was less than 100. Unsatisfied with the results, my parents brought me to see an eye specialist at a renowned Eye Hospital and they confirmed that I was in fact visually impaired. My case was later referred to a specialist in Bristol, England yet even they could not find an explanation regarding my eye condition.

The Retired

I am retired and enjoying my best life ever. Although retired, I am still keeping myself as I am self-employed. In my life, I have done numerous jobs for many diverse organizations. I trained as a chef, went on to do event management, then into a sales role.

The Chef

The Chef from New Zealand To Melbourne. As you can guess, I am a chef. I was originally from New Zealand, but moved to Melbourne. As I wanted to dive into the diverse food scene that makes Melbourne world renowned on the culinary landscape.

The Pastry Chef

The Pastry Chef, it has a nice ring to it. I love baking and I love baking cakes in particular. I love it especially if people enjoy eating them. That’s my passion. Everything I do, I do it straight from my heart and I give my best to baking. 

The Banker

As the banker in a fast paced industry, I can tell you honestly that the banking industry is fast paced. You have to adapt to its speed. This is because, if you don’t react fast enough, you would be dropped out of this industry. Not slowly either as the industry will be dropping you in a blink of an eye.

The Experience Manager

The experience manager is what I do. I create experiences for customers using automation and AI predictive modeling for a large telecommunication enterprise. These projects deliver outstanding customer experiences that are the forefront of telecommunications. These exciting projects are amazing but unfortunately, its hectic and stressful.

The Retail Manager

I was originally from Malaysia but then I moved to Melbourne 5 years ago. I started in Marketing, moved on to Teaching and eventually my on-going passion for fashion lead to my career in Retail.

The Traveller

I’m an Industrial Engineer who used to work in engineering and consulting in Spain. It was nice and great job but it was just not fulfilling therefore I quit and took a flight to Australia.