RYAN ADDA demand has created an environment of growth. An environment where building a great team is vital. An environment where doing whatever it takes is the baseline and going above and beyond to protect the Brand is commonplace. Our goal is to Build A Great Company with that it needs A Great Team! Are you the person we are looking for?

The RYAN ADDA family brings together a team from 3 countries under one roof. From design and production to customer service and communications. RYAN ADDA glasses and everything that belongs to the brand philosophy is developed in Melbourne and a marketing regional office based in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to an international mix of colleagues, you can look forward to engaging jobs, personal responsibility, the scope for new ideas. We are always looking for an individual who is passionate about fashion and especially eyewear. If you are interested in working at the RYAN ADDA family or would like to apply for a position we would be delighted. Here is a place where you can up your skills and work with everyone as a team? But most of all a fun place to where you can call it your workplace? RYAN ADDA family.

Position Available:

3D Product Design Interns. As an intern on the RYAN ADDA Design Team, you’ll be gaining hands-on experience with the product design process. Our designers work across multiple disciplines and interface with technical teams across the company to help deliver fantastic products with unmatched customer satisfaction. You’ll work directly with them and help with the overall product design process. RYAN ADDA is a fast-paced, startup environment and we expect a lot from our interns. But in return, you’ll be exposed to a huge variety of projects and gain experience working with fashion eyewear and software that usually takes years to even encounter. 

Social Media Interns. As an intern for RYAN ADDA family, you’ll be gaining hands-on experience with the creation of social media content assets for RYAN ADDA Eyewear and it’s communities. Our overarching goal is to develop engaging social content that resonates with eyewear and targeted fans of specific fashion and genres.

3D Product Designers. As a 3D Product Designers on the RYAN ADDA Design Team, RYAN ADDA is seeking a 3D Industrial Designer to work with Product Designers and Project Development to build mind-blowing designer eyewear that embodies our human eye. Primarily work in Rhino 3D, Keyshot, Photoshop and some Adobe Illustrator for the creation and manipulation of life-like Digital Eyewear.

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